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Empires and Allies Cheats

What is Empires and Allies?

Empires and Allies Cheats and HacksMarketed as Zynga’s one of the successful games, this new military and strategy game is suitable for people of all ages, and we
guarantee you will become mesmerized of the real graphic, the speed of the game and the multitude of options available. As with most strategy games, the storyline of Empires and Allies is quite simple – a secret terrorist organization took over the world and threatens to destroy it unless someone steps in and tries to take it back. Enroll in a never-ending journey to conquer back the world and all of its regions using empires and allies cheats. You have the ability to design your perfect army and choose from one of today’s finest militaries in order to overcome your enemies. Choose from high-class tanks, drones, helicopters and engage into the war of your life against the enemies.

The great thing about Empires and Allies is that you can form up or join other alliances in order to increase your chances of success and fortify your defenses while striking back to fight evil. You will encounter difficult dynamic battlefields that offer a trustworthy replica of real-life warfare filled with its unpredicted and complex scenarios.

However, as enchanting as it may sound, you may encounter difficulties as you fight against other real opponents in the virtual life. If you want to make sure you will succeed and will recover all of the world’s territories, read below to find the easiest tips, hacks and cheats regarding the great strategy game of Empires and Allies:

Building up your Empires and allies base

Similar to all other strategy games, your base represents the most important part of your winning strategy, so make sure to make it as strong and protected from enemies s possible, you can be helped to this by using our empires and allies cheats. Defend your belongings by using towers, artilleries, landmines, tanks and whatever else you feel it is necessary. As you build your base and improve its conditions, your XP points will increase (experience), helping you unlock more features and upgrade your headquarters. The headquarters (HQ) represents your structure of command for your entire base, so make sure it is protected at all costs. The stronger your HQ is the better chances you are to reach new levels which will upgrade and improve your facilities and units. Moreover, the more you evolve, the easier you will have access to top facilities and build an even stronger base by appealing to high-tech units, products and services.

Setting traps for your enemies

Protecting your base is never a good strategy because you will never manage to evolve and conquer other sides of the map, but merely survive and nothing more. However, if you appeal to traps and attract enemies into them, you will increase your chances in winning the game. Build dome units or replace them with strategic rally flag placements. As you level up, you will have access to more damaging weapons to increase your defense and fight against the enemies. If you are constantly surprised by your enemy with large caliber tanks, you can always appeal to a Tactical High-Energy Laser (THEL) emerging from your dome and destroying everything on the ground, including your fierce anomies. You can even replace your THEL with dome attacks on air to surprise all enemy helicopters and make sure no one enters your territories. And if you are looking for a place to hide your commandos and drones, make sure to never get rid of all the trees in your controlled area. You can easily hide a spider drone behind large trees and thus fool the enemy sentinels scouting the territories and looking for weak spots in your defense. You can use empires and allies cheats to help you accomplish this.

Create your perfect army using our empires and allies cheats

All players start with a basic army formed from Rangers – a fighting force to deliver all purposes and consisting of Rockets, Medics and Riflemen. However, as you level up and gain more XP points you will be able to upgrade your army and stretch for more deadlier and destructive forces. Choose from attack drones, high caliber tanks, missiles and even more to create the perfect fighting arsenal and come up with a trustworthy army.

Control your troops with empires and allies cheats

Empire and Allies does have quite impressive game and tactic features, enabling a large sense of liberty and freedom for all users and players. You have the ability to fully control your troops, as well as where they go, if and how they attack a certain enemy objective and how they behave. Have them attack a base by using your Command Points in exchange of flares. Flares can be further used to direct your troops on the battlefield in real time and fight other game opponents. Reaching level 4 HQ will not only enable new features of your army and headquarters, but will also give you the possibility to have your troops deployed in single or multiple units, depending on the level of control you want to have upon your troops and the level of your enemy.

Make alliances with friends

The main feature that helps Empire and Allies differ from all other strategy games is the ability of making alliances and friendships with your friends in real life and engage into conversations in private chat rooms to establish new ways of helping each other. The more powerful allies you have, the easier it will be for you to speed up your progresses of upgrading and becoming the best version of headquarters you can be in this game. However, bear in mind that alliances are formed with your Facebook account so, until you reach this feature, you must connect yourself to the social media platform or the Game Center.

Hacks for successfully playing Empires and Allies

Now that you are acquainted with the general rules of the game, it is time to step up the game a bit more and handle the multiple hacks you can benefit from. Buckle up and make sure to read the strategies below in order to ensure you a better protected HQ and a far more presentable army and infantry.

Never place defensive buildings which are too close to each other

At the beginning of every battle in the game, the enemy lines will use their command powers to destroy all of your defensive structures. Although you may never defeat them or prevent them from doing so, it is up to you how you deal with collateral damages and how to turn it into a favor. You can do that easily by ensuring to never put two guard towers too close to each other or else air attackers can easily destroy both of your centers if the aim at the space between these two structures.

Build as many domed defenses as possible

Make sure to include as many dome defenses as your on protective towers inside your base. Use the proper types of combinations for defensive structures to keep your enemies away from you and your business. As you reach higher HQ upgrades you will be able to unlock all types of features, including different types of weapons, such as a high power laser beam.

Build walls to protect your headquarters and all other key buildings

Just like in any other strategy game, both online or offline, sometimes defense makes for a good offense. Protect your headquarters (HQ) as much as you can by using sophisticated means, including high-end infantries and deadly weapons like tanks. Use walls to surround your headquarters and bear in mind that you can always choose to upgrade your walls such as they become more efficient in protecting. But, obviously, upgrading your walls will come with a price, but with Empires and allies cheats this wont be an issue.

Receiving more Command Points – Empires and Allies Cheats

As previously mentioned, in this game of Empire and Allies Cheats you will stumble across a form of currency method, or Command Points. Each player receives only 3 Command Points at the beginning of the game, so it is up to you to increase their number and secure your supremacy. All you have to do is go to the menu and then click on “Weapons Command” and simply touch the Upgrade icon. Upgrade your headquarters to be able to further upgrade your Weapon Command and become more efficient. You will require all the command points you can get if you want to launch special attacks with missiles or tanks to fight the enemy troops.

However, sometimes, no matter how many strategies you adopt during the game, you cannot stop but to wonder if this is everything you can do to ensure you win the game? If you are one of those players who want an easier path to success, special cheats is what you really need. Read below to find out a complete list of Empires and Allies cheats and hacks:

Empires and Allies Cheats and Tips

  • Build your base in the form of a puzzle to confuse enemies and have better chances of upgrading your headquarters until it becomes invincible. Defend the base using landmines, towers or artilleries and make sure you earn enough XP to upgrade it constantly.
  • Use a proper strategy to create an army as well. Start with Rangers and then move along to more series and deadly weapons of choice, as the XP levels will allow you to do so.
  • All troops come with their weaknesses and strong points and it is up to you to use their flaws in your advantage. Before starting the game, read as much as possible about all types of troops and determine which one is the best for you.
  • Scout foreign regions to determine the exact position of your enemy bases. This will allow you more chances to win the game.
  • Download specific hack tools (available for both Android and iOS systems) if you want to benefit from Empires and Allies cheating codes that will certainly help you win the game. Appealing to Empires and allies cheats codes will generate more resources for free (including oil and gold), which will further help you gain more XP points and increase your chances into fighting all the bad guys on your own.

Empires and Allies tips

Strategy games are well known to the public of all ages ever since the development of computer graphic industries and the unlimited resources or RAM. Throughout the years, generations worldwide were marked by iconic strategy games played on PCs. From Age of Empires to Starcraft, the pioneers of PC games developers were Microsoft and certain gaming studios, back in the 1990s. However, throughout the years, PCs were switched with laptops, tablets and smart phones, while regular CDs and memory sticks were replaced with online gaming, played solely with a good Internet connection, away from countless requirements of special software, RAM, video cards, sufficient free space and high graphic contents. Nowadays, most people choose to play their games online using their already-built social media accounts on Facebook.

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Apart from the already classic version of Texas Hold’em (now referred to as Zynga Poker), the company released other hit games for portable smart devices. One of the most popular remains Empire and Allies, discontinued on June 17th, 2013, but then reedited for a much more complex mobile version, back in 2015. Thanks for reading empires and allies cheats